Transport Insurance

Transport Insurance

Whether your business requires you to move people, livestock or goods, based on your request Unique Insurance Group can customize an insurance package to help maintain your businesses success.

Transport and Logistics Insurance

From hazardous materials to heavy machinery, our friendly advisers can help you find an insurance solution to protect your business where it is most needed. Don’t let the unexpected surprise you, be prepared for whatever challenge you may face with insurances such as material damage insurance, business interruption covers and liability covers to protect against a loss or damage.

Transit and Freight Delivery Insurance

There are many great options for transit and freight insurance to protect against loss or damage for goods and livestock, during domestic transport, importing or exporting. Including cover whilst held at packer’s premises, cover for debris removal, delays in unpacking, collision, flood and fire cover, shut-out periods and expediting expenses.

Marine Cargo Insurance & Commercial Carrier Insurance

Insurance for the big boys! We have a wide range of cover for marine cargo and commercial carries for goods travelling by road, railway, air or sea. Some of the many covers include: for loss or damage to goods either domestically, or travelling to and from Australia; strike cover, fumigation cover, pollution protection, removal of debris, re-consignment and reshipping and damage to branded goods