Property & Belongings Insurance


We work very hard, over countless years to finally purchase many of our prized assets from furniture for our houses, machinery for our own business, the caravan for the great Australian adventure, to building our property portfolio.
After all that work, why would we leave any of your property or belongings vulnerable to accidental damage, loss, theft or other unexpected risks; be it at home, on the worksite or on the road.
Our friendly advisers can help you find appropriate insurance solutions, including:

Home Insurance

Protect your property against the damage of natural disasters

Contents Insurance

Protect your home contents in the event of theft, loss or accident damage

Tools Insurance

When your carrying tools, majority of the time this doesn’t mean just one or two items. As the value of your tool collection is worth countless work hours, in addition affecting your ability to go to work each day, insurance is a no brainer! Don’t risk your livelihood.

Machinery Insurance

Whether your machinery is for farm work, a warehouse or mechanics these are important and expensive business purchases. Don’t let your businesses production crumble due to a lack of insurance that may have helped to cover against theft and damage. Think wisely, think ahead.

Car Insurance

Choose from third party to full comprehensive covers, compared across a wide range of insurers

Caravan & Camper Trailer Insurance

Nothing says freedom like a home on wheels! Protect your home away from home with insurance for risks like accidents and theft.

Truck/Heavy Truck Insurance

When your business depends on you to keep moving, having your truck or heavy motor vehicle protected is a must

Motorcycle Insurance

From road to dirt bikes, motor bikes are not only for a source of fun but may be your full time transport. While you may have cover to protect yourself against injury, what about the damage caused to your bike in the event of an accident? Or if a third party is injured in the process? Don’t let these questions restrict your freedom, get insured today.

Boat, Yacht & Jet Ski Insurance

From recreational use to clubs and associations, getting out on the open water is sometimes just what the doctor ordered! Protect your way of life against the unexpected risks with accident, theft and liability covers.

Valuables Insurance

Protection for items not covered under contents insurance that you may take with you away from the home – valuable jewellery, electronic equipment (cameras, laptops etc.), handbags, wallets, glasses and so forth.

Contact an adviser today to find out more.