Life Insurance Cover

Life Insurance CoverWe do our very best to safe guard our family’s future but how would our ‘dependents’ cope financially, if we would no longer be here to support them.

With Life Insurance cover, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have done everything in your power to secure your family’s financial future.

Life Insurance Benefits:

  • Eliminate Debts – Mortgage, Car and Loan repayments is not a weight you want to leave on your family’s shoulders. A simple Life Insurance cover will ensure all debts are taken care of.
  • Cover Household and Lifestyle Expenses
  • Cover Educational costs – Schools and University
  • Funeral expenses taken care of
  • Guaranteed peace of mind

Update your cover today

It is a myth that if you are still young, you have all the time in the world to get life insurance cover. It is also a myth that Life Insurance is something you do not need to consider, as you never know what can happen in this day and age. With so many benefits out there, why wouldn’t you get a cover that can be tailored easily to your needs and circumstances?

Terminal Illness

You can also safeguard your family from financial hardship, in the event of a terminal illness. We understand how difficult it can be coping with a terminal illness, so we aim to guarantee adequate cover for all individuals.

At Unique Insurance Group, we will advise you on the right policy that is suitable to you, ensuring that the policy that you choose will leave you comfortable and happy with the caring of your family.

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