High Risk Insurance

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Are you tired of being turned away by Insurance companies due to your occupation or active lifestyle choices?

At UIG we believe it is important to follow your passions, and that your courage to take on these challenges should not be disadvantaged by a lack of insurance options.

UIG can offer High Risk Insurance coverage, so you can feel reassured that while your day-to-day activities may carry uncertainty, your and your family’s financial future are being taken care of.

Horse Riding Insurance in Australia

Following a love for equestrian does not only mean a weekend sport but rather partnerships and bonding. Whilst the bond between a rider/owner and a horse can be an inspiring relationship, the devastation that an accident with a horse can cause can come at a hefty cost to both your health and finances.

With the unpredictability of a horses behaviour, in conjunction with the added risks of falling from a height of up to 3m or to suffer the weight of a horse of up to 500kg, protecting your ability to make an income should be taken seriously.

Motorbike Riding Insurance in Australia

There are many options to protect your ride, but who is there to protect you.

Whether it be a trip to work, a leisurely road ride or a revved up dirt track venture, your only concern should be enjoying the experience not what might happen if you should suffer an accident.

We can offer an adequate cover at an affordable price. This is what drives customer satisfaction, and ensures that you can rely on us at any time.

So for a quality cover call us today, so one of our professional insurance advisers can help you find the insurance you require.