Personal Insurance


Personal Insurance products are designed to protect you and your family against the financial risk of an unexpected accident or illness that effects your ability or leaves you unable to work, or take care of yourself and loved ones. Whatever your unique situation, we can provide the right cover for you to secure your lifestyle today and adapt with you as your circumstances change in the future.

Insurance for Individuals

Whether you are an employee or self-employed, we can provide insurance to cover you at home, work and play – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How you choose to spend the benefits is completely up to you – after all, no one knows what you really need, to get back on your feet as well as you do. For example, benefits can cover:

  • Your mortgage or rent payments
  • Car expenses
  • Everyday living expenses
  • Out of pocket medical expenses and home nursing
  • Help around the house with cleaning and general chores
  • A holiday to get away and help you recuperate


Insurance for Families

The table below shows the average Australian expenses at different stages of life. How would you or your family cover these everyday costs if you were unable to work?

Weekly spend by life stage

Lone person aged under 35 Couple only
(reference person aged under 35)
Couple with kids
(eldest child under 5)
Couple with kids
(eldest child between 5-14)
Couple with kids
(eldest child between 14-24)
Housing $278 $360 $364 $325 $242
Fuel & power $20 $26 $28 $43 $48
Food & drink $104 $207 $224 $279 $314
Clothing & footware $23 $52 $54 $64 $82
Medical & health expenses $24 $58 $67 $77 $104
Alcohol $24 $41 $26 $31 $35
Transport $142 $224 $220 $254 $332
Recreation $106 $182 $132 $208 $253
TOTAL Costs $869 $1,429 $1,484 $1,670 $1,900

In the 3 minutes it took you to explore this table, Australian households spend $3,500,000.
Source: Australian spending habits – Australian Securities and Investment Commission