Business insurance


Many businesses, large and small alike, have found the benefits of finding insurance protection solutions to keep their businesses secure. How would your business be effected if you or a key business employee/partner were unable to work due to an accident or illness? Or your business was subjected to legal costs as a result of cyber hacking?

Fortunately, there are insurance options to keep your business running at peak performance regardless of life’s unexpected surprises, including:

Professional Indemnity

Protecting against accusations of breaches or inappropriate acts of duty/services provided by professionals

Public Liability

Protecting your business in case of claims of injury or damage to your clients, or the personal property of your clients

Cyber Protection Insurance

Protection against data breaches and loss, employee error and cyber criminals

Business Expense Insurance

Protecting your business in the event that the business owner is unable to work due to an accident or illness, by covering your business’s fixed daily costs.

Key Person Insurance

Ensuring the production and finances of your business are not impacted in the event that a key business partner/employee is permanently unable to return to work due to an accident or illness

Insurance coverage can also be a great incentive to include in employee benefit packages.

Group Life Cover

A life insurance policy often owned by an employer and provided to a group of employees. This can be included in a benefit package or offered to employees at a cheaper rate than what can be purchased as an individual cover.

Our highly skilled advisers take the time to understand your business and how you operate. By considering the requests and priorities of your company we can tailor coverage to meet your requirements and budget.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to events beyond your control – contact UIG today and get covered.