Group Cover Melbourne

There’s no doubt that having a family can put more pressure on the household budget but how would the family manage if you or a member of your family suffered an accident or illness? Our family cover can help.

Group Cover Melbourne

Apart from the wide range of benefits to cover the whole family, we also offer some specific options to make handling an accident or illness while juggling a hectic family schedule a little easier including:

Confinement Accident and Sickness – Group Cover Plan

Being confined to bed due to an accident or illness can cause you to run through your savings and potentially may even put your family into debt if you can’t earn a living. But by selecting Confinement Cover you could rise to a brighter day by receiving a daily benefit while you’re out of action.

From just $9.56 per month
Benefits from: $50 – $300 per day for up to 365 days.

Group Lodging Cover

When the worst happens having your family close can make a big difference. The Family Lodging Benefit allows you to bring your support network to you by paying a daily benefit for an immediate family member to stay near you. This means that Grandma, Grandpa or your sibling could lend a hand while you get back on your feet.

From just $2.43 per month
Benefits from: $50 – $300 per day for up to 365 days.

Children’s Accident Cover

When children suffer an accident it can be very distressing for the parents too. Protect your little ones with the Children’s Accident Cover and receive a lump sum benefit to help get them on the mend and back to play as soon as possible.

From just $6.05 per month
Benefits from: $30 – $180 per accident

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Group cover based on couple aged 30-35 with 2 children aged 10-15. Occupation – Office Manager, gross single income $80K.