Building Cover


You’ve worked hard to build your business and achieve your success so don’t leave your future to chance. Fire/Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR) can protect your business and physical asset against fire damage, storm damage and other perils including the consequential loss, which may result from interruption to normal business operations.

Also available is coverage for the construction industry with policy options for either Single Projects or Annual Works. Cover can be designed for Construction All Risks (CAR), Erection All Risks (EAR) and the associated risks of Delay In Start Up (DSU). No matter what type of construction projects you undertake – from residential developments to infrastructure – you can get a policy to suit your needs by contacting UIG.

Our highly skilled Representatives take the time to understand your business and how you operate. By considering the priorities and specific needs of your company we can tailor coverage to meet your requirements and budget.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to events beyond your control – contact UIG today and get covered.

Please refer to the PDS to read the Terms, Conditions and Exclusions related to this cover – A copy of the PDS is available by Contacting UIG.